Region Specific Weather 1-4-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • As a strong storm complex lifts away over New England, wraparound winds will kick up in the Corn Belt.
  • Strong northwest winds will howl over the Corn Belt but they should diminish as we go through the day.
  • Significant lake effect snow will fall along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, the southern shores of Lake Superior, and the southern shores of Lake Huron and Lake Erie.
  • The snows will be significant but not wide ranging as the system won’t pick up a lot of moisture from the lakes and deposit it a lot further inland.
  • As high pressure works in tomorrow, it does bring some light snow with it across MO, IL, IN, and southern IA.
  • The moisture totals won’t be impressive as it may total between a coating to 1-2” in spots, plus there won’t be any significant winds with it.
  • The pattern will then be dry from Friday-Monday as high pressure will dominate.
  • South winds develop on the back side of that high on Monday-Tuesday, which will allow the temps to moderate somewhat after a below normal finish to this week and through the weekend.
  • The next system still looks to move through by the middle of next week.
  • It will have very strong winds Tuesday afternoon-Wednesday as a very strong cold front gets ready to move through, but I question how much moisture will be available.
  • Rains will move across IL, IN, and MI on Tuesday night-Wednesday, but the big question is does cold air come in quickly enough to change it to snow, and models don’t agree on whether it will or won’t.
  • If it stays liquid, moisture totals will be .25” to 2/3” across areas east of the MS River valley, but it likely ends with wet snow as winds blow 15-30 mph.
  • The track of the low itself isn’t the story as that’s up in Canada, but the frontal boundary attached to it is what’s causing the precipitation.
  • The track is a little uncertain and we’ll have to see where the cold air sets up and how quickly it arrives.
  • Light rains and snows arrive in the eastern Corn Belt later next week, Thursday night-Friday.
  • There will also be full snows falling in MN and WI, with bitter cold air following it in and 0 degree temps down to the I-80 corridor.
  • Arctic air still looks to be in line for the Upper Midwest for the middle of January.


Deep South weather:

  • Today/tomorrow look dry in the Deep South before rains move in at the end of the week.
  • Showers and thunderstorms break out Friday in LA, MS, and AL before developing into a significant batch of moisture through the weekend, working its way through the central and eastern parts of the region.
  • Rain totals combined will be .5-1.5” with 60% coverage; areas that may be missed include AR, TX, LA, and northern MS.
  • Strong high pressure will keep things dry Sunday-Tuesday, bringing temps in the low 30s all the way down to GA and SC on Monday night-Tuesday morning, but the high does move away fairly quickly.
  • South winds will move up the backside of the high by midweek before scattered showers work into AR and western TN Wednesday morning but won’t go much further south.
  • Moisture will develop out of the old frontal boundary in northern MS, northern AL, and TN Wednesday night-Thursday, turning into a system affecting the northern half of the Deep South on Thursday.
  • Moisture totals will be .25-.5” there but it doesn’t really go away as it refires a day later in TN, northern MS, and eastern AR.
  • The Gulf Coast are, east TX, and FL peninsula areas don’t see much to finish out next week.
  • Temps will be normal to somewhat below, especially as northern areas deal with colder air next week.


Great Plains weather:

  • High pressure is in control of the plains but there will be a weak system moving through the plains over the next 24 hours.
  • The low is moving through eastern CO and will sag southward from now-Friday, with moisture extending through parts of NE, then sagging southward through KS, the southeast part of CO, and through the OK and TX panhandle areas.
  • Moisture will be mostly light in the plains but heavier in the higher elevations, where they have winter storm warnings in eastern WY and central CO.
  • Totals will mostly be a coating to 1” but there could be 3-4” in the NE panhandle today-tomorrow morning.
  • High pressure is in control of the northern plains with bitter cold temps there, staying below zero until Friday afternoon.
  • The weather looks calm through the weekend up and down the plains.
  • A system moves across the northern plains on Tuesday, bringing a chance of light snow in ND, where they could see 1-4” from I-90 northward.
  • South of I-94, they’re looking at mostly gusty winds and cloud cover.
  • High pressure moves back in Thursday and keeps things dry through the end of the week.
  • A disturbance in SD on Friday could drop some snowfall before heading east into the Corn Belt through the weekend.
  • Arctic high pressure is back in play by next Saturday, and you’ll hear talk of the polar vortex again, with temps 0 or below all the way down to I-80.
  • It’s an active pattern but won’t generate a lot of moisture in the plains over the next 10 days.

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