Regional Weather Outlook 2-7-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • A soggy morning so far in the eastern Corn Belt with significant rains falling in IL, IN, OH, lower MI, and parts of WI.
  • The precipitation is fueled by strong south winds which are raising temps well above normal in IN, IL, and OH, even bringing strong to severe weather in IL, MO
  • Cold air is advancing quickly, which will change rain over to snow in parts of WI, northern IL, and MI through this afternoon, with all precipitation done by the overnight hours.
  • Behind the system, strong north winds draw cold air down from Canada, which will run into warmer air in the plains and cause some snow to fall in IA tomorrow morning, along with northern MO, IL, and IN.
  • The western Corn Belt may see a coating-2”, and the eastern Corn Belt could see a coating-1” as it loses steam the further east it goes, with coverage at 30%.
  • High pressure is in control of the Corn Belt from Thursday-Saturday and as it moves east, we’ll see strong south winds on the backside, moderating temps dramatically from Friday afternoon-Saturday.
  • Another low pressure area comes together Saturday afternoon-Sunday, kicking up rain showers in IL, IN, OH, IA, southern MN, and WI.
  • Precipitation totals will be .4-.5” with 50% coverage in the Corn Belt, with the best precipitation totals in WI, MI, IN, IL, and through the Great Lakes region on Sunday morning.
  • There will be cold air to the north of that, so some snow may fall in northern MI and northern WI.
  • Another strong high pressure dome moves in early next week, Monday-Wednesday, but there will be moisture moving up into the MO valley on Tuesday night before moving into the Corn Belt next Wednesday.
  • The track of the low is a little farther to the south (but that could still change), which may allow cold air from the north to sag further south, there may be some good snowfall in central and eastern parts of the Corn Belt Wednesday night-Thursday.


Deep South weather:

  • A frontal boundary is working through the Deep South today, bringing a line of showers and thunderstorms from today-tomorrow, which may total .25-1.25” with coverage at 80-90%.
  • There is potential for strong to severe weather in the western half of the Deep South.
  • A secondary wave of moisture will then bring scattered showers over the eastern half of the Deep South on Thursday totaling .25-.67” and 60% coverage.
  • Strong high pressure then takes control to end the week and into the weekend, giving sunshine and temps a bit on the cool side before strong south winds move up the backside of the high and moderate temps Saturday-Sunday.
  • A front works through the region from northwest to southeast late Sunday night-Tuesday, bringing rains of .25-.75” with 70% coverage, although it does try to fall apart by Tuesday afternoon and is replace by high pressure.
  • More moisture moves out of TX and into the western part of the region Tuesday night-Wednesday, bringing a strong line of showers and thunderstorms into AR and LA, totaling .5-1.5” of rain.
  • The front does lift north and east across the rest of the region but moisture totals won’t be as much, possibly .25-.75” maximum, with the eastern 2/3 of the region at the lower end of the range, and coverage will be 80-85%.
  • Things dry out again later next week and hold into the weekend.
  • Temps in the Deep South will be normal to above normal.


Great Plains weather:

  • Low pressure is trying to move through NE today, but it’s weak low pressure and won’t do much before becoming a bigger precipitation threat further east.
  • Strong high pressure out of Canada will move in behind that, with snow along the front edge of the high pressure dome, falling in eastern WY, western SD, and a direct hit on NE.
  • The snow will add up to several inches before it’s finished, plus gusty winds are going to cause some blowing and drifting this afternoon-tomorrow in SD and NE.
  • Snow totals look like 2-4” with coverage of the entire plains at 20% or less.
  • High pressure will dominate for the rest of the week, sitting over southeast NE on Thursday morning before working east.
  • South winds on the backside of the high will howl, raising temps quickly to above normal levels Friday-Saturday, but it doesn’t look to trigger a lot of precipitation.
  • A big low wants to move out of CO into KS and NE on Saturday, but it only seems to trigger light showers in SD totaling .25” or less, and nothing over the rest of the plains.
  • Dry weather will kick off the week, Monday-Wednesday, from the Red River northward, but in TX, rain and thunderstorms linger Sunday night-Tuesday, totaling .5-1.5”.
  • The rains lift north and east into OK and southern MO Tuesday night-Wednesday, and then up into KS and NE, totaling .25-.75” with 75-80% coverage in KS, 100% in OK, and 40-50% of NE.

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