Indiana Weather Outlook 3-31-17

Only scattered showers over the state today as we transition to the backside of the low pressure circulation moving through. In fact, that low is leaving NE Indiana this morning. Wrap around moisture will be more hit and miss through the day, and will total no more than a few hundredths to a tenth or two, maybe a quarter of an inch in spots. There may be some brightening at times, but clouds are mostly in control today


Sunshine is back for the start of the weekend, and we should be dry for the entire weekend. Clouds start to build on Sunday afternoon and evening ahead of our next system.


Scattered showers start Monday morning and build in intensity and frequency through Monday afternoon and overnight. Heavy thunderstorms are likely south of the river, but we don’t really have much concern about heavy weather anywhere except extreme southeast Indiana. We like rain totals Monday into early Tuesday of a few hundredths to half an inch, coverage around 60%. Then, we have a second wave for later Tuesday through Wednesday that passes more to the north and west. This will bring .25”-.5” rains in over the state from I-70 northward, but will really not do much from I-70 southward. Overall, the first half of the week looks damp, with combined rain totals of .25”-.75” and coverage at 75% of the state.


Drier for the later part of the week, although we are suspicious of clouds through the day Thursday and think there could be some spits and sprinkles over about 60% of the state through the day. IT will not be a bright and sunny Thursday, but we expect clouds to break up more for Friday although spits and sprinkles may still frustrate us in spots.


For next weekend we are dry both Saturday and Sunday, but there are signs staring to show that we do have a cool push of air to start the weekend. There is potential for temps to dip back toward freezing next Saturday morning, which is something we will watch. Daytime highs still look to be above normal, and that may mitigate any cold push, but it still is an interesting development. In the extended window, we have a strong front looking to arrive around the 10th into the 11th, and another front closer to the 15th, each capable of bringing up to half an inch or rain.


While our overall forecast for the next 10 days to 2 weeks is slightly less wet in terms of precipitation falling, we are looking for cloudier periods in-between wave, and some additional pesky spit/sprinkle/scattered shower action that ultimately leads to a set up where evaporation is limited somewhat. What we are meaning is – even though we may not see quite as much rain as we feared in the period ahead a few days ago, we are not looking at a major drying push either…our soil profile still looks to be nearly full as we move through the first half of April.


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