Indiana Weather Outlook 4-17-17

Dry weather in today and tomorrow with high pressure passing over the state today, and south flow developing up the backside of the high tomorrow. Cooler air is in today, behind the front that passed yesterday.

Wednesday our next system moves in and it continues to bring moisture through on Thursday. However, it does not look to be as impressive and we do not have a threat of heavy thunderstorms at this time. Because of that, we are pulling precipitation totals back to a range of .25” to .5” with coverage at 70% of the state. The northern third of the state has the best potential for rains, starting sooner on Wednesday. The southern part of the state sees rain predominately Thursday, and will be likely to get smaller totals.

Dry for Friday, as the pattern gives us a clear air mass change for the end of the week. However, our next system starts to push into SW Indiana early Saturday morning, and by late in the day will have rains up to i-70. The most impressive action comes Sunday, though, as strong thunderstorms develop the low pressure center moves right over the state. The best thunderstorms may develop in east central Indiana. WE like rain totals for the 2 day period (sat-sun) at .25”-1.25”, with coverage at 80%.  However, the upper half of that range will be only for areas that see the thunderstorms, and likely will be limited to maybe 30% of the state.

Moisture may try to linger in to Monday with this system, depending on its track. It looks to have a fairly big footprint at this time, so it is not out of the question that strong wrap around action can come in next Monday. But, but Tuesday we should be dry, and look to stay dry through most of next Wednesday.

There is a chance of action moving back into the state late next Wednesday the 26th and then for Thursday the 27th.



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