Indiana Weather Outlook 5-24-17

gfs_tprecip_indy_11Rains build in intensity today. We go from scattered showers this morning to steady light rains through afternoon and tonight. The best chance for heavier rains and thunderstorms still look to stay to the east in OH. However, the low that is bringing this action moves into and across the state tonight and is slow to leave tomorrow morning. This will likely lead to Thursday being cloudy and wet with wrap around moisture bringing more light rains. Rain totals today should be in a .25”-.75” range, and then tomorrow we can add .05”-.5” more with the backside moisture. Rains will be over almost 100% of the state. The map above shows rain totals through midnight tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Friday still should be dry, but clouds will be a big player. Breaks in the clouds will be minor at best.

Our holiday weekend still looks wet. Rains will be in for all of Saturday and Sunday. The heavier rains hit Saturday and start before sunrise. They go all through the day, ending after sunset. The rains on Sunday will be more scattered but the second wave of action is solid enough to warrant talking about. Rains Saturday will be from half to 1.5”, and rains Sunday will add another .1” to .5” in spots. Combined coverage will be around 90% of the state.

Memorial Day is dry, but rains are back in for Tuesday, mostly over the northern half of the state. This is a change in our forecast from yesterday. We have a minor front sweeping through that brings rains up to .4” from I-70 northward. We do not think there will be any rains south of I-70. The rains will have 80% coverage over the northern half of the state.

Rains on Tuesday interrupt our previously forecasted dry stretch, but we replace that now with a drier period from Wednesday the 31st through Friday the 2nd. WE should see plenty of sun in that period and warmer temps.

In the extended period, we have a strong system for the 4th through the 6th, another system the 7th, and potentially one for the 9th-10th, meaning we have potential for plenty of water in the extended window (1-3 inches or so) and very little window for drying. In fact, that 3-4 day window for the 31st through the 2nd or 3rd will be the best dry window we will see through the upcoming forecast period.


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