Indiana Weather Outlook 5-31-17

Dry and pleasant today and tomorrow. No big news story there.

Our next system is delayed a little bit and now does not show up until Friday morning. But, rain potential holds through Sunday. Rains Friday will be mostly over the northern third of the state, sagging into the northern half late Friday afternoon. Hit and miss rains through Saturday have potential to hit all areas of the state, but will still have a predominant focus north of I-70. Rains Sunday statewide will feature another nice batch of moisture. All told, we like rains over the state at .5”-2” with coverage at 80% of the state. The northern half of the state has the best potential to get to the 2” threshold or even exceed it, while southern Indiana will be in the lower part of the range. We won’t completely throw away thoughts of a 1”-3” cumulative rain total, but think that may be overdoing it when looking at the state on the whole.

Turning drier again Monday. Clouds hold firm, but we should not see any new rain. The only other change to our forecast comes for the second half of next week. WE are dry now for next Thursday, meaning we get 5 back to back dry days Monday through Friday of next week.

In the extended period, we like a system still in and around the 10th-12th. The rains likely are only a 2 day event, but some models are trying to delay the system just a bit. Rain totals can be from half to 1 inch with coverage at 80% of the state. The rest of the extended window turns drier again.

Temps look to be mostly normal through the rest of this week. WE dip a bit below normal early next week with strong north flow around the backside of this weekend’s storm, but moderate temps to normal and above normal levels for the second half of next week.


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