Indiana Weather Outlook 8-31-17

No change in our forecast this morning. Sunshine continues to be a dominant part of the forecast over a large part of the state today. However, clouds are going to work through northern Indiana in the morning and we can’t rule out a spit, sprinkle or random shower or two. Temps will be pleasant this afternoon. The southern half of the state likely sees full sunshine today.

Harvey is on its way to southern parts of the state and like we said yesterday, he will make life a little interesting to finish the week. Sunshine is likely over most of the state for tomorrow, but clouds will be on the increase in southern Indiana as the day wears on. We are bringing rain in later tomorrow afternoon and evening in far southern Indiana, but are leaving our boundary alone, looking for rains south and east of a line from Vincennes to Richmond. Rain totals are also exactly the same this morning, looking for areas closer to the river to receive 1-3”, but most of the rain areas will be from .25”-1”, and the lower end of the range will be seen closer to that Vincennes to Richmond line. The rest of the state stays dry, and even mostly clear through Friday night and Saturday

The rest of the holiday weekend forecast is still dry with sunshine and blue sky and high pressure in control. Heading into next Tuesday, we see a small front working across the state. Rain actually starts closer to midnight Monday night and continues through Tuesday. Rain totals look slightly better this morning, and we are opening up the door to rain totals of .1”-.7” with coverage at about 65% of the state.

We dry down behind that system for the rest of the week, Wednesday through at least Friday. In the extended window, we are keeping an eye on the period around the 9th and 10th for some minor rains, but the bulk of them seem to miss. That sets a better chance of rains round the 13th and 14th with rains of .25”-.75” possible over about 70% of the state.



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