Indiana Weather Outlook 10-16-17

The forecast looks pretty nice this morning as we move into an extended period of dry weather. Clouds may take their own sweet time breaking up here in the short term as cooler air is in place after following the frontal boundary in yesterday. However, as you look at the surface map, this is one of those rare times that you see no significant front anywhere across the central and western US, only high pressure on the way. So, clouds will break up and move out, and we will see warmer, drier air in here eventually. Today will just be a transition day, with no new precipitation.

ecmwf_t2m_anom_indy_26.pngThe dry pattern continues tomorrow through Saturday. Temperatures will head back to normal by midweek and will be above normal to finish the week and for the weekend. The map above shows temps in relation to normal this coming Saturday afternoon. Evaporation rates will be near maximum by midweek and with strong southwest breezes, we should see excellent dry down. Harvest should be able to ramp back up rather quickly, especially in areas in central and southern Indiana where we did not see as heavy of rain over the Saturday night-Sunday period.

We do have a minor front that looks to move through the state next Sunday. However, that front loses a lot strength and most of its moisture before arriving. Therefore, we look for only a few hundredths to perhaps a tenth over about 60% of the state for next Sunday, and only a wind shift and slightly cooler temps behind the front.

Behind that system, we go back to dry weather  for next week. No new rain on the way Monday through at least Thursday. In fact, it may be closer to the 28th-29th before a good front can move in. That front still has rain potential up to at least .75” over 80% of the state.

So, a nice harvest window is about to unfold over the state. It may take a day or two to get things suitable, but then we should be able to run full through most of the rest of the month.

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