Indiana Weather Outlook 2-6-18

A few tweaks to the forecast this morning, but overall, our pattern is unchanged. We had snow develop overnight last night, and that fast moving batch of action is already pushing off to the east. It will be a story over Ohio today. Sunshine should be coming back through this afternoon.

Snow is back overnight tonight and will go through midday tomorrow. This part of a system lifting up out of the MO valley. The heaviest precipitation continues to stay south, but we are expanding our snow totals and coverage a bit farther this morning for tomorrow’s event. We still think a coating to 2 inches will be what we see over the northern half of the state, and south of I-70, we will look for 1-4 inches. Still, down in KY we can see 5-7 inches or more, but that is of no concern to most of us.

We should be dry, but cold for tomorrow night and Thursday. We expect subzero temps Thursday morning over NW and North Central Indiana.

Our next snow event moves into northern Indiana overnight Thursday night and goes through the day Friday. This system seems to be dividing into 2 waves, one for Friday and the second from late Saturday into early Sunday. The Friday wave also wants to spread slightly farther south. Up north we can see 2-4” of snow for Friday down to US 24, and then a coating to 2 inches down to I-70. We expect freezing temps or better to lift up to near I-70, effectively quashing any serious snot threat farther south. Then, we see snow return for Saturday night through Sunday midday in the north, with another 1-3 inches of potential. The snows do not look to be all that intense at any given time, but with the two pushes and the snow stretched out over a long period of time, it will allow it to stack up in northern Indiana.

Dry weather is back for Sunday afternoon and holds all the way into next Thursday. Cold temps will be here to start, with subzero temps over the northern half of the state Monday morning. But, by next Thursday, we will see a moderating push, and that day will likely be the first with a majority of the state above freezing for daytime highs.

ecmwf_snowdepth_indy_26.pngEven though this forecast seems pretty blasé, we still are looking at cumulative snow totals being somewhat impressive by the end of the week. By Sunday, we can see cumulative snow totals of 1-4” over the southern half of the state, and 4-10” over the northern part of the state. While it is not as bad as some models were showing previously, it is still a pretty decent blanket of snow. The map above is a new look at potential snow depths as of Sunday afternoon.

No change in our extended 11-16 day forecast. Dry weather for next week continues through the 18th. However, a powerful low comes out of the central plains and moves across our region for the 19th and 20th, and it can bring half to 1.5” of liquid equivalent precipitation potential.

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