Indiana Weather Outlook 5-14-18

Active weather over the Hoosier state for the next several days. As a matter of fact, we see rain potential 5 of the next 7 days in Indiana. Today and tomorrow scattered showers and thunderstorms will be most active from I-70 northward, but we won’t rule out hit and miss action farther south. Then tomorrow night the thunderstorm threat sinks farther south, and we see better coverage statewide into early Wednesday. The rest of Wednesday and Thursday look drier, mostly because this trough layout has merged the two systems we had forecasted for this week. All told, today through early Wednesday morning, we should see rain totals of .5”-2” over 80% of the northern part half of the state, and .25”-.75” over about 50% of the southern half of the state.

 Rains work back into Indiana Friday, as a wave lifts up from the south and west. WE look for .25”-1” over 70% of the state. Then we move into a mostly dry Saturday. Sunday showers and thunderstorms return, first in the north, and then spreading south and east. We can see .2”-.9” over 70% of the state. Out of that front.

 Next week is much drier, and kicks off a multi-day dry period. We should be rain free across the state from Monday through Friday. Now, at midweek, around the 23rd into the 24th, a disturbance will be trying to move into the northern part of IL and WI, moving into the great lakes. WE think this front lifts too far north to impact us at this time. That would allow dry weather to continue all the way through the 28th, with our next front showing up around the 29th. High pressure coming in from the northwest would dominate the 11-16 day forecast period.

 Temps this week through the rain and thunderstorms will still be normal to a bit above normal. However there will be a significant spread across the state. The northern areas, where rain and thunderstorms are falling more frequent and clouds are more dominant, will see temps closer to normal. Down south, with more sun, and better south flow, south of the stationary boundary, we will see temps take off and be well above normal. This dynamic will fuel thunderstorm development, especially early this week, and again later Friday.

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