Indiana Weather Outlook 1-26-17


Snow flies over the northern part of the state off and on today. The best snows developed in far northern Indiana late last night and continued though the morning. We have a cold front associated with that strong low that moved across MI yesterday sweeping through, and that is the main reason we can see snow off and on into early afternoon over the northern half of third of the state. However, lake enhancement will be what triggers the accumulating snow in most areas. The amount of liquid available otherwise is just not very much. In far northern areas we can see a coating to an inch. 2 inches may end up being seen in areas of ST. Joe county and Elkhart county. But, the better snows look to be in MI. Southern Indiana sees a lot of sun today, and the rest of the state will see sunny breaks, as the clouds are still pretty formidable through the day.

Better weather emerges tomorrow statewide. WE have a dry pattern settling in for the finish of the week, weekend and most of next week. WE think the European model is a little too pessimistic on clouds for the weekend. Honestly, even though it’s a bit colder, temps are still mostly normal to a bit above normal through the period, meaning sunny, dry normal weather is pretty good for late January into early February. WE have no complaints.

Models are looking to bring our next system in late next week. The European sped things up a bit on its latest run, trying to bring some rains in over southern Indiana late week on Friday. WE still think this is more of a 5th into the 6th type of event, but we will watch it. Rains can be up to half an inch. Cold air comes in behind the system.

In the extended period, we have the potential for a secondary wave around the 7th that we are not overly impressed with, and then a stronger wave for the 9th and 10th. That one looks like it will bring a warm air surge to start, followed by another major cool down. The pattern looks more active as we move toward mid-month, but we are not seeing massively dominant signs of a big cold air push yet. So, for now, we look for the increase in activity in February to be leaning more rain than snow, much the same as we saw in January.

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