Regional Weather Outlook 1-26-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • Strong low pressure is moving through Canada, and that’s bringing strong winds to the Corn Belt today, circulating around the low and will continue for the next several days.
  • It’s leading to lake-enhanced snow in MI, northern IN, and OH.
  • Temps don’t get too far below normal but they will be closer to normal than they have been.
  • Strong high pressure is in play over the next 7-8 days, with strong gusty winds in between each high as they move through the nation’s midsection.
  • The only change is early next week, Monday-Wednesday, with a low pressure area that moves out of Canada and across the Great Lakes region into New York state; however it’ll just bring cloud cover to part of the region while everyone else sees sunshine.
  • Things change a bit by the end of next week, a weather system wants to come together over the eastern Corn Belt, drawing moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico around the backside of a surface high.
  • Along the I-80 corridor Saturday morning, precipitation will likely total .25” of liquid south of I-80 and more snowfall to the north of I-80, with coverage in the Corn Belt at 30%.
  • The extended forecast is a little more active, with two weather systems coming through, one on February 7-8 and the other on February 10-11, and both could total .5-.75” of moisture.
  • Both look to be focused more to the north, including IA, WI, northern IL, and the Great Lakes region, with rain along the southern edge and snow further to the north.
  • Temps will be normal to slightly above.


Deep South weather:

  • A line of showers is trying to clear the eastern part of the region today, moving through GA, NC, and SC.
  • Behind it, strong high pressure will dominate through the weekend and most of next week; nothing significant develops from this weekend all the way through next Friday.
  • Light precipitation starts to come up the backside of high pressure dome on Friday afternoon, starting in east TX, coming up through LA, AR, and the boot heel of MO.
  • Totals will be .25-.5” and coverage will be 70% of the western half of the Deep South; the eastern part of the region will continue to be dry.
  • A couple of weather systems try to work through the region in the extended forecast; one comes through February 8-9 and gives the eastern half of the region .5-1” rainfall, and a second system wants to develop around February 14.
  • Temps in the Deep South are normal to above.


Great Plains weather:

  • High pressure is in control of the plains right now and will hold through this weekend and into the upcoming week.
  • Other than gusty winds out of the northwest, there won’t be any major weather issues.
  • Temps will be normal to above normal, turning a bit warmer by the end of next week as winds turn to the south.
  • Moisture moves into TX on Friday with .25-.5” totals but initially won’t move much farther north.
  • Later on Friday night, showers try to develop in eastern KS and eastern NE.
  • Two systems will move across the plains in the extended forecast; the first one moves through February 5-7 with the better moisture totals down south in TX and OK, where they could see 1” or better rains, and further north, totals look like .25-.5”, falling as snow from I-80 northward.
  • The second one moves through further north on February 8-9, bringing moisture to ND, SD, NE, and northern KS, falling as light snow with moisture totals of .25” or less.
  • There’s a possibility of another system on February 10-11, with snow falling in SD and NE, and more likely rain fall the further south it goes.

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