Regional Weather Outlook 1-27-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • Gusty wind conditions in the eastern Corn Belt will blow for the next couple of days as strong low pressure tries to leave the northeast US, with wrap around wind conditions all the way back into the Great Lakes region.
  • The winds may trigger some lake enhanced snow action over the Great Lakes, including MI, OH, and northern IN, but the rest of the Corn Belt looks dry with high pressure in control.
  • A strong low moves out of Canada and across the Great Lakes Monday-Tuesday, with the track not significant for most growing areas but they will see lake enhanced snows again across WI, MN, MI, and northeast OH.
  • A strong high pressure dome moves in for the rest of next week and takes control, keeping the Corn Belt dry.
  • The next significant threat of precipitation moves in late next week, Friday night-Saturday, as low pressure develops in MO and circulation also develops along the backside of high pressure in the Deep South.
  • This brings light rains over MO, southern IL, southern IN, and into KY, but there may be some snow along the northern edge of the precipitation, and this activity will continue to rotate through these areas Saturday-Sunday.
  • The moisture moving up the backside of the high pressure dome means it really can’t move anywhere, which means good moisture for the southern half of the Corn Belt through the entire weekend.
  • The action finally moves out by Sunday afternoon, with rainfall totals of .25-.75” from I-70 southward, but north of I-70 may only see .25” in IN and OH, but that’s it.
  • Strong high pressure moves in behind that circulation and should keep things dry into the start of the following week.
  • The extended forecast shows two more systems moving through, but models don’t agree on whether there’s cold air or warm air at the start; I see the first system having a more northern push, coming across SD and NE, into IA, MN, and WI, but the second system wants to hook down into the four corners region and may provide a more classic winter storm system when it gets to the Corn Belt if it has cold air with it.


Deep South weather:

  • High pressure is in control over the region this weekend and most of this upcoming week, so there isn’t any serious precipitation threats through at least next Thursday.
  • As the high works east, it’ll be sitting over the southeast coast by next Friday, including NC and SC, moisture will then start to move up the backside coming off the Gulf of Mexico, moving into eastern OK, east TX, LA, and AR.
  • The moisture will be light to start on Friday, but as the day goes on, more circulation begins to take hold, so by Saturday-Sunday, a plume of moisture takes hold in the western half of the region.
  • Moisture in the western half of the Deep South will be .25-.75” over the weekend, Saturday-Sunday, with 70% coverage, but it doesn’t really hit the eastern part of the region until Sunday night-Monday.
  • The moisture will increase in intensity as it moves east, so GA, NC, SC, and AL could get .5-1” totals from Sunday night-Monday.
  • Another strong high pressure area moves in behind it and gives the region a dry period again.
  • In the extended forecast, it looks like the two big systems that move through the country in early February will focus a little farther north, but the system on February 11-12 may drag across eastern OK, east TX, and into AR, but we aren’t sure yet if it has enough southern push to affect the rest of the Deep South.


Great Plains weather:

  • High pressure is in control today, parking over NE and they see strong northwest winds across the plains pulling down more cool air out of Canada.
  • High pressure holds through the weekend into early next week, but as one high moves out, winds will shift south by midweek before another high moves in, and temps will ebb and flow with the wind direction change.
  • Overall, temps should be normal to slightly above as there won’t be a massive cold air outbreak but temps also won’t be as pleasant as they’ve been recently.
  • The next round of precipitation on Saturday may be an offshoot of action east in the Corn Belt and Deep South, with some precipitation reaching southeast KS and northeast OK.
  • Low pressure also moves into CO by the middle of next weekend, bringing light rain and/or snow into Sunday with moisture equivalent to .2” or less, but it is moisture for NE, KS, eastern CO, and northern OK.
  • Another strong high follows that into the region and parks over NE and SD for Sunday night-Monday of the following week.
  • It’ll be dry a couple of days before the next weather system kicks out of ID and WY on February 8-9, but a stronger low hooks down into the Four Corners region on February 10-11, bringing a lot of rain with it and potentially a lot of snow if cold air comes in with it.

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