Indiana Weather Outlook 2-13-17

Sunny and dry weather is in store for the Hoosier state for the better part of a week. In fact, we see our next chance of precipitation holding off until next Monday night and Tuesday…the 20th into the 21st. But, before we get there let’s talk about this week.

Colder air came in yesterday in the wake of a cold front. Strong northwest winds developed. Those should be dramatically lower today. We settle into a pattern dominated by high pressure for the rest of the week. The only hiccup may come on Wednesday, as an upper level wave sweeps through the great lakes. We still think that precipitation stays well north of the state, but there can be some clouds sneaking into the northern third to half of the state for Wednesday, and we wont completely rule out a sprinkle or two north of US 30, even if we think that the chances are pretty low. Other than that, we see sunshine and fairly pleasant conditions for the week and upcoming weekend. Temps will be mostly normal to slightly above normal – a little cool to start, but generally much better than we should be looking at for mid February.

Now, for next week, we have a warm front fueled by strong southwest winds, lifting in for next Monday night into Tuesday. That will trigger scattered showers of .25”=.5” over a good chunk of the state. A cold front will follow that in for later Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night, bringing an additional .25”-.5”. All told, we like rains of .25-.75” over almost all of the state for the combined period. This will be rain that will be coming after a week long dry stretch and it will come very well received. Temps will be warm enough to ensure all rain, and we expect no thunderstorm action or heavy rain. No flooding is anticipated.

In the extended period, we have another strong low working out of the central plains and close to the region around the 26th of February. This low right now looks like it wants to track a little farther south, more into the OH valley. However, this far out, we are leaving all options open, and that may allow this system to gravitate north. With no major cold air outbreaks in over the region, we likely are still warm enough to get mostly liquid. Rain totals look to have a preliminary potential of .25”-.75”, but over a 12 hour period. This will be the system that we really will want to watch for the second half of the month…as track could promote better snow potential, if cold air materializes.

However, back to the short term…the coming 7 days look to have as close to perfect weather as one could expect for mid February.

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