International Weather Snapshot 2-22-17


  • Scattered, heat based showers and thunderstorms will show up here and there in Matto Grosso and into northern Brazil over the next several days, but not much to the south.
  • Areas like Matto Grosso do Sul, southern Goias, Minas Gerais, and areas southward don’t see any moisture today-tomorrow.
  • Better moisture tries to develop on Friday in Matto Grosso through Parana and Sao Paulo, bringing .5-1” of rain with 75% coverage in those areas.
  • That moisture doesn’t hold together as it moves further north, with just scattered hit and miss action up there through the weekend.
  • If you combine everything from Friday through the middle of next week, cumulative totals will be between 1-2”, which means there will be some dry weather and harvesting opportunities in there.
  • Matto Grosso will be the only area that’ll need to dodge showers more frequently.
  • Wednesday-Friday of next week will see some stalled out, frontal boundary action from Matto Grosso through southeast Minas Gerais, with showers and thunderstorms combining to give at least 1” of moisture from Thursday-next Saturday, with coverage at 75% of Brazil’s crop areas.
  • Timely moisture will be coming through but harvest should continue to ramp up, especially this week as there will be a slight increase in shower frequencies next week.
  • Temps will be normal to slightly above.



  • Thunderstorms are set to move into the far northern areas today but rains falls outside of the biggest crop areas in the country.
  • The rest of the country stays dry through a good chunk of this week and there won’t be any significant moisture until Sunday in southern Argentina.
  • Thunderstorms develop in southern Buenos Aires province through La Pampa on Sunday morning, and then lifts north, bringing rain through Entre Rios, southern Santa Fe, through most of Cordoba.
  • Moisture totals will be .25-1” with 75-80% coverage in those specific areas.
  • Next week, that moisture falls apart as it moves further north, bringing .25” or less on Monday-Tuesday in central/northern Argentina.
  • Dry then through the rest of next week, with a few scattered showers at midweek in central Argentina, but they go away quickly, totaling .25-1/3” and coverage at only 40%.
  • Temps will be normal to slightly below over the next 10 days.
  • Dry windows mixed in with rains should allow crops to have a good period of growth and development, especially after weekend rains weren’t as heavy as some were expecting.


Ukraine/FSU/Black Sea weather:

  • A secondary moisture push will follow it in late tonight-tomorrow and another .03-.25” with 80% coverage in Ukraine, with slightly less coverage in central Russia.
  • They’re seeing good moisture coming through with temps normal to slightly above normal this week, and that second wave tonight-tomorrow will mostly fall as liquid.
  • Another strong low moves out of Europe and across Russia, taking a more northern track on Friday, missing a good part of growing areas in Russia and the Black Sea region.
  • More moisture moves into Ukraine on Saturday, totaling .25-1/3” again as a mix of rain/snow, and centered on eastern parts of Ukraine before moving into central Russia.
  • That means we’re looking at systems every couple of days this week before taking a bit of a break next week.
  • A monster high sets up over the northern part of central Russia, keeping things dry next week from Monday-Friday, bringing cold air in to start, but on the backside of the high, south wind flow will bump temps up dramatically across Ukraine and most of Russia by the end of next week.
  • Light moisture out of eastern Europe could move into Ukraine and central/southern Russia late next Friday-Saturday if it can hold together.

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