International Weather Snapshot 2-24-17


  • Most dry weather in Brazil going into the weekend, but a few scattered showers try to form over Matto Grosso late this afternoon-early tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow afternoon-Sunday brings a better spread of moisture across all of Brazil, including Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, and areas to the east, with totals of .25-1” and coverage at 80%.
  • They’ll see the same pattern next week, Monday-Wednesday, with pop up showers and a plume of moisture bringing showers to most of Brazil through the 3 days, but it doesn’t rain constantly.
  • The second half of next week, Thursday-Saturday, the moisture diminishes in coverage area with not as much moisture.
  • Rain totals Monday-Wednesday will be .25-1” with covereage at 80-90%, and then Thursday-Saturday brings another .25-1” but the coverage drops to 60%.
  • By the end of next weekend and into the following week, Brazil eases back into a slightly drier pattern.
  • Temps will be normal to slightly above.



  • Dry today in Argentina before a few showers develop south of Buenos Aires, possibly drifting into La Pampa, then moving north tomorrow into parts of BA and southern Cordoba, with amounts of .25” or less and coverage will be 40%.
  • The action doesn’t go away, turning into a better rain maker on Sunday afternoon, with better organized showers in southern growing areas holding there into Monday afternoon.
  • Rain totals will be .25-.75” with coverage at 80% over the southern third of Argentina.
  • The moisture finally moves north Monday night-Tuesday, giving the rest of growing areas .25-.5” with 75% coverage.
  • Back to mostly dry weather Wednesday and Friday, with the only moisture lingering way up north, outside of the biggest crop areas.
  • The exception will be a front developing on Thursday and moving north, bringing another .5-1.5” to Argentina.
  • Big time rains are a possibility in northern growing areas by Saturday, but it does look like rains they can handle, especially after the recent warm and dry weather.
  • The week after next starts mostly dry over Argentina, which means they should be able to use the moisture easily.
  • Temps will be cooler than normal over northern growing areas, but still remain warm in the southern growing areas until later next week, when the cooler temps spread over all of Argentina.

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