Indiana Weather Outlook 5-10-17

A slight lull comes in over the state today in the wake of moisture yesterday. There was a big temperature discrepancy yesterday from south of the warm front to areas that stayed north of it…with a temp swing of 30 degrees or more. Today we should see the warmer air push a bit farther north, but ultimately the temps will be decided by cloud cover, and we think we could see a fair bit of clouds through the day.

gfs_tprecip_indy_11Moisture begins to build back in over the state this evening, ramping up to a fairly wet day Thursday. Rain totals from this evening through tomorrow will be from .3”-1.25” with coverage at around 80% of the state. The higher end of the range should be limited to areas that see thunderstorms. The above map shows rain totals through midnight tomorrow night.
Friday begins a nice period of drying. We may have some morning showers in southern Indiana near the river with a few hundredths to a couple of tenths to start the day, but in general, everything is moving out as the sun comes up Friday. We finally can report some good news, as that dry trend that starts Friday looks to hold all the way through the following Friday at least. Models are trying to suggest a few scattered showers sneaking into northeast Indiana overnight Saturday night into Sunday, but we feel this is a low threat risk, and are looking for some significant drying starting this Friday afternoon. Evaporation rates will start to max out over the last part of the weekend at .25” of moisture per day, coinciding with temps breakgfs_t2m_a_f_indy_30ing out of our cool pattern and starting to move to above normal levels. In fact, we should see temps normal to well above normal as we move from early next week to the end of the week.  This will speed drying and bring soil temps back up. The temperature map shows temps as they relate to normal for next Tuesday afternoon. Sunday may be a bit breezy as we get the transition going from cool to warm, but the rest of next week should be fairly calm on winds, meaning spraying should not be an issue.

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