Indiana Weather Outlook 5-15-17

Dry weather continues today through at least Wednesday. Over most of the state, we are
willing to say it continues through Friday, but there may be a hiccup or two in some areas Wednesday night and Thursday.
Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, sunshine will dominate with strong high pressure
close by. South wind flow will push temps to above normal levels statewide, and will
continue to promote drying. We should see good planting progress the next 3 days.
Wednesday night and Thursday we see some action developing over extreme southern
Indiana, mostly south of US 50. There we can see a few hundredth s of an inch to a tenth
or two, but in general, big rains are not likely. Clouds and light rains are more like it. Coverage will be about 30%. Thursday afternoon and evening we see a weak trough in
over the northern part of the state that may trigger clouds and a few hundredths to a
tenth…no more. Coverage north will be 20% or less. So…there will be some areas that
get rain, but many that don’t. That is why we really think that there will be plenty of
places that are rain free for the next 5 days.
The weekend gets interesting. Scattered light action is around for Saturday with .1-.5”
rains and coverage at 60%. But, through Saturday, we have heavy thunderstorms
developing over IL, and we will be watching very closely to see if any of those can make
it into IN. The rains west of us can be from 1-4” in parts of IL. WE do see better rain and
thunderstorms Sunday through overnight Sunday night. Rains here will be .25”-1” with coverage at 90% of the state. But right now, it looks as though we will miss the nasty
stuff out west…it falls apart before getting here.
Dry then for Monday afternoon and Tuesday of next week. We do have a minor front for
next Wednesday up north, that can bring up to a quarter of an inch over about 40% of the northern half of the state.

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