Indiana Weather Outlook 6-12-17

The forecast goes a little wetter as we start the week, with additional waves of moisture coming in and instability leading to slightly more rains.

We will be dry today and most of tomorrow. Temps will be well above normal today and tomorrow on strong south and southwest flow into the state. Tomorrow we do have some moisture trying to back in from the east and it will lead to cloud development in the afternoon in Northeast Indiana, and then some scattered showers tomorrow evening and overnight in areas north of I-70. We look for .25”-.5” or less with 60% coverage north of I-70.

Scattered action remains around over the state through Wednesday, but will be hit and miss through the day. Our next front, the one we have been talking about since last week, will arrive Wednesday night and move through the state Thursday. This will bring rains of .25”-1” with coverage at 80% of the state. Friday will be dry.

Another batch of scattered moisture is in for Saturday, with rain totals of .25”-1” over 60% of the state, but most of the state in the lower half to third of that range. Bigger rains develop for Sunday afternoon and evening. There we can see half to 2 inch rains over 90% of the state, with the potential for some strong thunderstorms. All told, this week from today through next Monday morning, we could see 1”-2.5” of rain combined over 90% of the state. There could even be some 3 inch totals in east central Indiana.

Dry Monday through Wednesday of next week with an upper level ridge forming. That continues to start the extended period with no significant frontal threat until closer ot the 26th and 27th. That front could have half to 1.5” rains over 80% of the state


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