Indiana Weather Outlook 8-8-17

Dry today, tomorrow and Thursday. High pressure is sitting over eastern Indiana this morning, just south of Fort Wayne. This high moves off to the east and will start to bring some south winds in, but we may not see that fully until a second high moves out later tomorrow.

A few scattered showers sneak toward southeast Indiana overnight Thursday night, but really we do not see rains truly develop over the state until Friday morning. A weak front pushes into the NW part of the state near sunrise Friday morning, and will sweep through quickly through early afternoon. The available moisture is not impressive with this event. We look for a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch over the northern half of the state Friday with no better than 60% coverage. The rest of the state sees little to nothing, and mostly clouds. Saturday should be mostly dry.

The biggest event of the coming 10 day period is a strong low that moves out of the western Corn Belt and into the state on Sunday. 24 hours ago, this system looked to move by mostly to the south. Projections now have it a little farther north, bringing the best rains into central Indiana, with still some good rains in the southern third. AT this point, the northern third of the state remains left out. WE like rain totals of .25
“-1.25”, which is down from our rain totals yesterday. We still have a concern about some strong thunderstorms and some severe weather, including heavy downpours, but we think overall, we need to pull in the reigns on this event just a bit. We will see coverage at 70% south of US 24, and basically nothing north of there. There is plenty of time for this track to alter, like we saw from yesterday to today, but we will be honing in on the path of this system over the next couple of days.

Mostly dry statewide Monday through next Thursday. However, we still see a bit of disturbed weather potential for late Monday night into early Tuesday, the 15th. If realized, this will likely manifest in a few thunderstorm clusters moving about the state. Coverage will likely be 20% or less, with rain totals under half an inch, but we likely cannot call for a completely dry period at this time.

The extended still looks pretty benign, with a strong upper level high pressure parking over the eastern third of the country. We can’t rule out a few scattered showers trying to pop up, but in general, we still see no significant front able to displace this high. That means there will be plenty of dry spots to contend with, and any precipitation coverage will be spotty. In short…don’t count on much. Temps through the upcoming 2 week period will be normal to slightly below normal, with the best chance of a big warming surge coming this Saturday, in strong flow ahead of the biggest system in our forecast this time around.


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