Indiana Weather Outlook 8-17-17

Rain crosses the state today with a well-advertised front. We have been talking about this system all week long and it is finally here. We start the day with some thunderstorms trying to develop mostly in western and northern Indiana, but rains will eventually spread statewide with 80% coverage. We look for rain totals in the .25”-1.25” range with thunderstorms needed to get into the upper part of the range. Everything should be winding down this evening, and completely out of the state to the east by midnight.


Dry weather is in for tomorrow, but we will not be able to wave the all clear flag for the complete weekend just yet. Yesterday we introduced the threat on some models of scattered light moisture for the northern third to half of the state to start off Saturday. This morning we are confirming that concern. WE look for scattered showers to bring a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch of moisture to the northern half to third of Indiana, with coverage around 60% north of I-70. The southern part of the state will be dry.


The balance of Saturday in the north will dry out and then we see a dry Sunday and Monday as well.


Our next front is in for next Tuesday. This front brings rains of .25”-1 inch over 70% of the state. We have dialed back coverage just a bit this morning. Those rains should be well received, and will sweep through in just a 24 hour period.


We are back to dry weather for next Wednesday and that goes through the end of the week and weekend.


In the extended period we have a front still wanting to show up around the 31st into the turn of the month. This front looks stronger this morning and can bring at least half an inch of rain. However, timing is difficult, because the front look stronger over the western Corn Belt, and may attempt to fall apart or slow as it moves east…so stay tuned.


Temps will be working to normal and above normal levels through next week, thanks to good south flow.

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