Indiana Weather Outlook 9-6-17

Continued cool today with temps below normal. We will see this tomorrow as well. Today we have a minor disturbance rotating through the great lakes region, and it will throw some scattered light shower action down over the northern third to half of the state. The farthest south extent of the moisture will be over eastern Indiana, and the best rains develop off and on over NE Indiana. We like a few hundredths to a third of an inch from US 24 northward. Central and southern Indiana likely see little to no action.

Dry statewide the rest of the week, for Thursday, Friday and the weekend. Temps will slowly rebound late in the week and for the weekend. We see the dryness continuing Monday and Tuesday of next week as well with high pressure in play.

Next week at midweek we still have a question as to whether we find ourselves dealing with the remains of Hurricane Irma. The chances seem relatively small at this point, but we still have to see where Irma truly wants to go in terms of landfall before tracking where her remains may go. We think the best chance will be for rains to miss Indiana, but time will tell, If the remains of Irma do miss, we see dry weather continuing for the rest of the week next week.

In the extended window, we have a front likely arriving for the 17th and lasting through the 19th. This is a bigger system than what we were seeing 24 hours ago, and will hang around about 24 hours longer. AT this point we are looking for at least .25”-1” rain and 80% coverage, but we may have to increase those rain totals if the front continues to strengthen.

The biggest takeaway this morning is something we hinted at yesterday, but it is very important;  IF we do not see the remains of Irma get up into our neck of the woods, it means that we string together at least 10 days of completely dry weather across the Hoosier state. If we get temps to warm back to near normal (which we should later this week and weekend) that will accelerate dry down of crops, particularly soybeans that are starting to turn.



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