Indiana Weather Outlook 9-7-17

No changes to our forecast today. After another cool night, we should see temps slightly warmer today than yesterday, but still below normal for this time of year. We don’t think there will be as much spotty shower action around over the northern part of the state, but we hesitate to rule it out either, due to the cool air mass difference, and some lingering available moisture. Today coverage should be under 25% of the state, and central/southern indiana is dry once again.

Temps begin to warm tomorrow and will be near normal through the weekend, above normal next week. Dry weather will be here through most of next week.

Models continue to flip flop on whether the remains of Irma come up to Indiana or not. We are leaving our dry forecast alone through all of next week, right on up to the afternoon of the 16th. We are doing this because we don’t think you can accurately predict the track of Irma’s remains over land until you can accurately predict where she will come onshore. Models are trying to pull the entire hurricane farther east as of late. But, the simple fact is that, without Irma, we have no threat of rain next week. So, since we have no strong feeling that she comes here…we cant even put a chance of mositure in for next week. Its just that simple. We are staying with a dry, mild forecast for all of next week.

That next front does arrive in west to southwest Indiana late on the 16th and hangs around for a few days. We still have no reason to change our thoughts on the front, and are looking for  .25”-1” rain and 80% coverage over the state from late the 16th through at least the 18th. The slow moving nature of the front may allow us more rain, but we don’t feel comfortable moving our totals at this time.

So, our mostly dry forecast continues..and outside of the few scattered showers that pester and are persistent over northern parts of the state today, we have no major issues to deal with (unless you need more rain…then, we have a bit of a problem!)


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