Indiana Weather Outlook 9-8-17

We really could take yesterday’s forecast and just paste it in here this morning. The pattern is very well set as we go forward. Temps should be slightly warmer today over yesterday, and then warming continues this weekend. Once the rains turn off up north this afternoon, we will see that dry  weather hold through the weekend and most of next week.

154730_5day_cone_no_line_and_windWe continue to monitor Irma closely. Yesterday models slowly snuck the storm back west a little bit, and that blends with our thoughts from earlier in the week that this storm comes right up the FL peninsula. From there, it will work across the southeast. The European model remains steadfast in its attempt to draw moisture close to the State, but now it looks like the system, if it does make it close to the OH river, may be running out of gas by then. So, we continue to keep our forecast dry here through the entire week next week, and will revisit this again Monday morning, once we know where Irma made landfall at, and if we need to tweak our forecast a bit we will.

Our next front remains in our forecast for late next week and the weekend. We have it set to arrive in west to southwest Indiana late on the 16th and hangs around for a few days. We are leaving our forecast for this system alone in spite of models pushing it back.  That means we are looking for .25”-1” rain and 80% coverage over the state from late the 16th through at least the 18th. We think most of the models’ aforementioned delay is being caused by expectations of Irma to slow the pattern further and hold the front up a day or two. We will reserve judgement on that until, again, we see where the remains really want to go. Long story short, while we are not making any serious changes to the forecast this morning, we could be making a number of adjustments Monday morning. So, stay tuned!!


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