Indiana Weather Outlook 9-20-17

gfs_t2m_a_f_indy_14We move into a drier pattern today as warmer air surges northward. We will see some on and off clouds over the state today, but precipitation is not going to be a significant part of the forecast at all over the next week. Temps to finish this week will be well above normal, staying that way into the weekend and early next week. The map shows temps in relation to normal for this Friday (high temps). Notice we are very warm for this time of year…anywhere from 8 to 20 degrees above normal over the eastern corn belt!

Our next front is still headed toward the area for midweek next week. The front still looks to have promising rains out west that can be .75” in IA, MN, WI and northern MO Monday and Tuesday. But, by the time that front gets here on Wednesday, it looks pretty much dead and rained out. We will see that front pass, and there will be some clouds and a wind shift, but precipitation will be limited to a few hundredth to a tenth. That’s all. The front will also move through quickly, being off to the east by late Wednesday afternoon. The western corn belt, here, we think a few hundredths to at most a quarter of an inch with 50% coverage next Wednesday might be the best we can do. This looks like a rather dry pattern emerging.

If we get very little rain next Wednesday, then there is no reason to deviate from our outlook of yesterday, looking for the dry pattern to hold through the end of the month and into early October. In the extended period, our next front is expected to arrive sometime closer to the 4th. Like its predecessor, that front also looks better out west, and will be moving into an area dominated by an upper level high and ridge. AT this time we are leaving our forecast of .1”-.5” of rain alone, but think it will take a weakening of the high pressure dome over Ontario to truly do that.

The forecast this morning has no major changes to our overall thought process. Many areas got that last “finishing” rain they needed yesterday, and now the good drying forecast should manifest, and we may be seeing guys back in the fields rather quickly for the second half of this week.

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