Indiana Weather Outlook 9-21-17

Status quo this morning as the next several days will all look very similar. Our drier pattern continues today, and temps will be above normal once again. Full sunshine is in our forecast today through early next week.  Temperatures may push 90 over parts of the state, upper 80s in the rest!

Our next front is still headed toward the area for midweek next week. The front still has its best moisture out west, where .75” can fall in IA, MN, WI and northern MO, mostly on Tuesday. But, by the time that front gets here on Wednesday, it looks pretty much dead and rained out. We will see that front pass, and there will be some clouds and a wind shift, but precipitation will be limited to a few hundredth to a tenth. That’s all. The front will also move through quickly, being off to the east by late Wednesday afternoon. The western corn belt, here, we think a few hundredths to at most a quarter of an inch with 50% coverage next Wednesday might be the best we can do. This looks like a rather dry pattern emerging.

After that front passes, we are back to our dry outlook for the last part of the week, Thursday into at least the weekend. However, the big change will be temperatures, which are likely to retreat quickly to near normal levels and may even slide slightly below normal toward the weekend. In the extended period, the front in early October is in fact gone, and we may not see another significant rain chance until we get closer to week 3. We will address the further long term outlook in our first Harvest Forecast of the season, due out this weekend here at Hoosier Ag Today!

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