Indiana Weather Outlook 2-26-18

Rain is finally done for a few days over Indiana. We saw the sun for the first time in a while yesterday afternoon, and we should see good sunshine potential in most areas today, tomorrow and Wednesday. High pressure sits just east of the state this morning over Ohio, and will slowly work its way eastward. As it does so, we should see some south flow come up the backside of the high, and that will promote a slight moderation of temps. The state stays mostly dry, but there is one caveat, and that comes at midweek on Wednesday. That day, we see a wave passing bay mostly south of the Ohio River. WE like rains in KY and WV Wednesday, and we are leaving open the possibility that some minor moisture drifts north of the Ohio River over southern Indiana. We would be talking mostly about the far southern tier counties, particularly in SW Indiana, but the clouds from this would likely extend up to the I-70 corridor. So, while most of the state is dry through midweek, the pattern turns “more gray” over southern Indiana toward Wednesday.

Our next solid system moving across the state comes Thursday. Low pressure tracks across NW Indiana Thursday and brings rain totals of .25”-1” to 80% of the state during the day. Cold air whips in behind the low as it move over the great lakes, and we have concern for some wrap around moisture over northern Indiana while the cold air races in. We need to leave the door open to some snow Thursday night as the system leaves from US 24 northward. This is up in the air, and we are not going crazy with the potential just yet, but this is a strong low. Winds will make this a dramatic event, with winds likely in the 20-40 mph range overnight Thursday night into early Friday, which would make any snow up north an absolute pain to deal with. So, we will keep an eye on this event. Generally on the rain side through the day, most of the state will be under half an inch…but the outliers could deliver the higher totals.

Back to drier weather for Friday through next Monday morning. High pressure will slowly work through the state Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. Cold air holds over the region to finish the week and start the weekend, only moderating once we get south flow on the backside of that high.

A cold front brings rain back for Monday afternoon through the first part of Tuesday, the 5th into the 6th. Rains do not look as impressive this morning, and will mostly be from .25”-.5” with coverage at 60% of the state. Colder air follows on the backside.

The extended period has us mostly devoid of new precipitation to start, through the 9th. Then we have 2 significant waves moving across the eastern Corn Belt from the 10th through the 12th. Combined, these waves can bring half to 1.5” rain totals, and likely will deliver below normal temps around mid-month. Still, the pattern does not look nearly as active as what we just got done with this past week…so we should be seeing improvement in our drainage conditions through the next couple of weeks.


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