Indiana Weather Outlook 3-7-18


Cold air holds over the state today. Moisture kicked off late yesterday afternoon and continued to stay over the state through the overnight. Today, we are cold enough to see mostly light snow and flurry action through the morning into early afternoon, but we won’t rule out a bit of rain mixing in at times. However, today will be colder than yesterday. The coldest part of this air mass will be over us today and tomorrow. Precipitation today features 60% coverage, with no significant accumulation, but a coating on grassy surfaces or cars still has the potential to be seen in spots. Lake enhancement also is something to look out for in far northern Indiana.


Dry conditions move in tomorrow, but clouds will still cast a wide footprint across the state, with significant wrapping around the low that is moving off to the east. Temperatures struggle to break the lower 30s tomorrow and will only do a few degrees better for Friday over the northern half of the state. Down south, we can push toward the lower 40s tomorrow and maybe toward 50 on Friday. Sunshine is back for Friday as high pressure drifts through.


Our next system is still on track for overnight Friday night into the start of the weekend. We are keeping I-70 as the delineation line for precipitation, with rains likely only south of there. The latest models are actually fading precipitation farther south. We are not changing our forecast for now, except to maybe allow for more breaks in the clouds over northern Indiana. We look for a potential mix of rain and snow, with liquid equivalent precipitation totals at .25”-.33” with nearly 60% coverage south of I-70. Also, models have mysteriously done away with the second wave that showed up yesterday for the Sunday time frame. That right there is why we do not make major changes to our forecast on only 1 model run!


Dry weather is expected for next week. Monday-Wednesday have been dry, and we are extending that through Friday the 16th. We still like a system for late the 16th into the 17th with minor moisture. Temperatures will moderate next week, and we should be back to normal and above normal levels. We continue to watch a system for the 20th and 21st, where we can see some rains of half to 1 inch at least. Strong southwest flow in the extended 11-16-day forecast window will lead to a slightly higher chance of stormy weather.

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