Indiana Weather Outlook 4-6-18

Light snow leaves northeast Indiana this morning, and most of the state turns out partly sunny for a good chunk of today. However, we do have another wave of moisture coming through tonight. We do have good news this morning, though! The action in southern Indiana is not going to be nearly as problematic! The heaviest moisture is staying farther south, and action is highly diminished across Indiana tonight through tomorrow. We will have some light snow and flurry action in overnight tonight, bringing a fresh coating in central Indiana, and then this action drifts south and east toward daybreak. We won’t completely rule out snow accumulations near the river, but instead of 1-4”, we are looking at a coating to at most an inch. And, action will be done by shortly after sunrise! This is a fantastic improvement in weather. Cold air is still here, but the winter precipitation event is a significantly lower threat, and there is a chance we can see a large part of southern Indiana miss out on snow entirely!


Sunshine should start to emerge again tomorrow by midday, and then we have high pressure in control through Sunday. While temps remain cold, we do not see as much of a chill as earlier this week.


Our next system is still on the way for Sunday night and Monday, but precipitation has a much shorter duration in central and southern Indiana. Air is cold enough to still look for snow. We are lowering the top end of the range for snow accumulation overnight Sunday night to a coating to 1” over 80% of the state. While action is done in southern Indiana by Monday afte4rnoon, a second wave late Monday lingers into Tuesday in northern Indiana, bringing an additional threat of snow, with some rain mixing in. Additional precipitation will be under .1” liquid equivalent, and will be mostly north of SR 26. We stay dry farther south, and all areas of the state are dry next Wednesday, while cold air holds in for just a bit longer.


Thursday we keep rain in the forecast, but action is lighter. Look for a few hundredths to .3” over about 60% of the state. Then for Friday nothing more than a few scattered showers bring a few hundredths to a tenth over 40% of the state. The heaviest rains are backing up into Saturday now, with rain totals of .25”-1”, and action may not be completely done until sometime Sunday morning. WE will put combined rain totals at .5”-1.5”, which is down significantly on the top end from our prior forecast. Coverage of the combined rains in that range will be 80% of the state.


In the extended window, a few scattered wrap around showers may hold over the state for Sunday the 15th with only a few hundredths to a tenth or two. A much stronger front moves in for the 18th with rain totals of .5”-1.5”. That system will be followed by a minor wave on the 20th, bringing .25”-.5”. Strong, cooler high pressure could move in for the 21st going forward, and if is strong enough, will steer precipitation to the south. However, if that strength is there…it will also likely produce below normal temps again for the last 8-9 days of the month.


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