Indiana Weather Outlook 4-24-18

No significant changes this morning to our nearby forecasts. Yesterday saw significant shower activity over southern Indiana, and only minor light action up north. We have scattered showers and light rain popping up across Indiana through the day today, but coverage is not all that impressive. Rains statewide can look more like what northern Indiana saw yesterday and last night. We can see additional rain totals of a few hundredths to .25” with coverage at 60%.

We turn drier tomorrow as rain pushes off to the east. A few clouds may linger early, but sunshine is back for most of the afternoon. We then are dry for all of Thursday and the start of Friday as well. Our next front is still on track for late Friday midday and afternoon, but it is showing less moisture as it moves through. Right now we are pulling rain totals back to a few hundredths to .25”, still over 90% of the state. This will be a welcome change, as it really will allow for shorter delays in fieldwork.  Temps do move cooler behind the front.

A nice dry window holds from Saturday afternoon through the balance of the weekend, Monday and Tuesday. Temps will slowly build from slightly below normal levels to near normal by the end of Tuesday.

A strong cold front passes next Wednesday. This front brings rains of .5”-1” over 90% of Indiana. There can be some good thunderstorm action with this front. Rains finally end early Thursday morning. Models are starting to suggest this morning that this front could also be less impressive, much like our Friday front. However, we think that most of the lack of moisture is coming from a perceived lack of thunderstorm action, an idea we are not keen on leaving just yet. IF we see strong winds push up the leading edge of the front, there should be ample chances for instability to develop. So, we are leaving rain totals alone for now, but will continue to monitor.

As mentioned yesterday, the extended 11-16 period has a nice dry window from next Thursday afternoon right on through the 8th. Cooler Canadian air will be moving in for the period, but we still should be warm enough to spur decent evaporation and a return to fieldwork, so long as moisture stays at bay.

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