South America and US Update

A lot of eyes in the agricultural markets are watching weather conditions in South America as their crops are in the ground and growing. A recent trend in the markets shows worry about dry weather conditions in Argentina. Ryan Martin says the drier conditions aren’t as big of a concern as you might think…tape

Cut 1                :39                   OC…”right now”


Martin says if the dry weather continues through December 30, then it’ll be an issue…tape

Cut 2                :25                   OC…”in Argentina”


Looking to Brazil growing areas, Martin says things look very good there as conditions have been optimal…tape

Cut 3                :27                   OC…”also typical”


Recent dryness in south and southeast Brazil has been taking care of by two strong fronts that have moved through. He called Brazil a “garden spot,” with normal temps during the day and even a little below normal at night. The next couple weeks may see frontal action slow and precipitation fall to somewhat below normal, but they will still get rain.
Back home in the U.S., the beautiful October through November weather has officially been replaced with much colder temps…tape

Cut 4                :44                   OC…”crop areas”


The American weather pattern is getting more active, especially in the Deep South region of the country…tape

Cut 5                :17                   OC…”the southeast”

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