International Weather Snapshot 1-5-17

South America weather:

  • Brazil is moving into a slightly drier period to finish the week and go into the weekend over all crop areas, but they’ll still see the scattered pop up action in places like Matto Grosso, southern Minas Gerais, and down south.
  • Moisture will be limited from now into early next week, so from now through Monday, they’ll see combined totals of .5-1” over 50% of growing areas.
  • Better moisture starts to develop on Tuesday afternoon in southeast Matto Grosso through southeast Brazil, with three day rain totals of .75-2” with 70% coverage; areas further to the north likely stay dry.
  • It looks like another 1-2” will fall on Thursday-Friday in some of the same areas.
  • A front will sweep north through the rest of Brazil growing areas next weekend, bringing .5-1.5” of rain, including Bahia and the rest of northeast Brazil
  • The big question is will it be soon enough to take some of the stress of crops in those areas and I think it probably will.
  • Between Friday and Sunday, they could pick up 2-3” in Bahia, northern Minas Gerais, and the rest of the driest northeast Brazil area.
  • Temps in Brazil are transitioning into the normal to above normal range, holding at least through the next 10-14 days.
  • It may stay a little cooler in parts of Matto Grosso do Sul, but the warmest areas will include northern Minas Gerais, western Bahia, and northeast Goias through the rest of this week and the next.
  • Cooler air will move back in by next weekend and temps will trend to normal to below, and it should help rains develop as cooler air comes in.
  • Parts of Argentina have had too much rain recently, and some verified totals include 6-8” of rain in central Santa Fe and into Entre Rios just 48 hours ago.
  • There is some lingering moisture in extreme northeast Argentina but we don’t see any new significant rains moving in soon.
  • Dry high pressure will move back in over some of the areas that were hit hardest with rain, and it should hold through the weekend.
  • There will still be some heavy rain in northeast Argentina through Saturday but it shouldn’t affect the rest of growing areas in the country.
  • The next front to sweep through all areas develops on Sunday afternoon, working north and east from Monday-Tuesday, bringing .5-1.5” of rain, and some of the heaviest rains look to set up over the same areas hit by too much rain recently.
  • Scattered showers will still sit over central Argentina Tuesday afternoon-Thursday, before it finally dries out from Thursday night-Sunday.
  • Overall, the moisture doesn’t look to have good coverage in Argentina over the next 10 days, with the rains falling in the same areas that have gotten too much rain to this point.
  • It’s not the best moisture pattern in Argentina, but there should be enough to keep crops growing in most areas; in the hardest hit areas, it’s either going to cause trouble with planting or even replanting if necessary.
  • Temps in a good chunk of Argentina will be normal to slightly below normal, but things may begin to warm up next week on Monday-Wednesday before turning a bit cooler again later in the week.
  • Temps won’t be too excessive in Argentina, which may actually be a problem in some of the flooded areas because it may be harder to get those fields to dry out.

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