Regional Specific Weather 1-5-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • Light snow is working across the eastern Corn Belt this morning across IL, IN, OH, and down into KY.
  • The best accumulations are along the OH River valley and that’s causing problems, especially the farther south you go because they aren’t used to driving in the snow.
  • The snow is gone by later tonight and high pressure will be in control for the balance of the week and weekend.
  • While the high has modified a bit, it’s still an artic high, so they’ll see below normal temps in the eastern Corn Belt by Friday.
  • The Corn Belt will be on the backside of the high pressure early next week and that will bring in south winds and will moderate temps dramatically, first over the western belt late Sunday night and through the eastern belt by Monday.
  • The next system will hit the Corn Belt Tuesday, with the low moving through IA in the afternoon and lifting northeast, and significant snows develop on the topside and backside of the low in MN, eastern ND and SD, and WI, so it will basically be an Upper Midwest snow event.
  • Snow totals could be 3-6” or better; south and east of there will see nothing but rainfall and very strong southwest winds.
  • Rain totals will be .25-.75” from MO up through IL, IN, MI, and OH; the bulk of the rains should be done before another round of cold air moves in.
  • If the low slows at all, that could allow the cold air to catch up and would make it a more dramatic event in areas east of the MS River.
  • Strong high pressure is then in play Wednesday-Friday, with the possiblity of an Alberta Clipper moving through the northern Corn Belt areas on Thursday afternoon, bringing some snow to MN, WI, northern IA, and northern IL.
  • Another round of bitter cold air moves in behind it with zero degree temps down to the I-80 corridor.
  • Another strong low kicks out of the western plains and moves into the western Belt on Saturday, January 14th, bringing snow to MN, IA, IL, and IN; there will be overrunning snow that could make this a potentially significant weather event.


Deep south weather:

  • Snow will develop this weekend, starting in the OH River valley right now and moving east before starting again over a residual boundary in the Deep South on Friday afternoon.
  • They’ll see some initial light rains in LA, MS, and AL, but as it lifts north and east, it gets caught in cold air, turning into a potentially significant snow event in NC and SC, as well as VA on Saturday.
  • Liquid equivalents will be .25-.75” and if the event does stay all snow, it could mean 6-8” of snow in southeast VA and NC, with lesser amounts in northern GA and eastern TN, with around 1-3” possible in those areas.
  • Everything is done by Saturday night before a dry pattern emerges on Sunday-Monday, with gusty winds cranking up in the western part of the region Tuesday.
  • A frontal boundary brings significant rains into the region on Wednesday morning, including AR, western TN, MS, and LA, before working eastward on Wednesday afternoon-Thursday.
  • Rain totals will be .25-1” with coverage at 90% of the region on Wednesday-Thursday.
  • Dry weather will emerge by Thursday afternoon, hold through Friday, and then a few scattered showers pop up in the South by Saturday; the focal point for development is to the north, but with the way it’s developing you may need to watch for a cold front developing next weekend.
  • That front likely moves through on Sunday and gives another .25-.5” of rain to 75% of the Deep South.
  • Outside of the cold air that creates snow this weekend, the rest of the 10-day forecast is pretty good for the other areas, including FL; while it in normal to below normal temps, they won’t be dangerously below normal.


Great Plains weather:

  • Light snow is working through the central and southern plains today-tomorrow, with light snow now coming through NE, across KS, and eastern CO today, leaving a coating to 3” in spots.
  • Through the overnight hours into tomorrow, the system consolidates in NM, they could see heavier snows in the TX and OK panhandles as well as eastern CO.
  • Totals could be 3-8” in southeast CO down through NM and that may be a conservative estimate at this point.
  • High pressure is dominating the northern plains, but will overspread the entire plains by tomorrow, so dry weather and bitter cold temps will be in play this weekend in the plains.
  • South winds will kick up by Sunday and begin to moderate the temps a bit and bring a nicer start to next week.
  • A fairly signficant low moves into the northern plains on Tuesday, bringing snow to ND, SD, and northwest MN, with snow totals of 2-5” or more in spots, but none of this action will spread into the central and southern plains.
  • A secondary system will try to get going later next week as a clipper system brings snow to ND, SD, and parts of MN; won’t leave a lot of snow but more cold air comes in behind it.
  • Friday night-Saturday, a low moves into KS but it looks like the moisture source is far enough east that it won’t mean more than scattered snow showers in NE, SD, ND, and eastern KS.
  • Temps will be normal to slightly below, fueled by a big cold air push this weekend, but next weekend will be more normal to slightly below.

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