Region Specific Weather 1-9-17

Corn Belt weather:

  • Strong high pressure is moving east, allowing south winds to kick up in the Corn Belt, moderating temps dramatically in MO, IA, IL, IN, and OH.
  • There is a small batch of snow moving through the NW Great Lakes region that’ll be worth a coating to 1” only.
  • South winds continue to blow on Tuesday as a warm front lifts north into the northern plains and Upper Midwest tonight-tomorrow, bringing 2-3” of snow across MN and WI, while the best snows develop tomorrow morning in eastern WI up into the northern Great Lakes area.
  • Strong winds continue tomorrow while low pressure works into IA and draws moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico, giving rains over IA, IL, WI, and MI, with the rain likely changing to snow in northern MI.
  • Rain totals from I-80 southward look like .25-.75” and rains north of I-80 look like .5-.75” of moisture, while snow accumluations in the Great Lakes will be 3-6” or better.
  • Cold air is already moving in by Wednesday morning, keeping thing dry through the first half of the day, but the cold air doesn’t last long.
  • A secondary low wants to move across the area Wednesday night-Thursday, bringing .25-1” rains in the eastern Corn Belt, including IL, IN, MI, and OH, and the heaviest rains likely are in eastern IN and OH.
  • Cold air reasserts itself on Friday as a strong arctic high pushes down into the Upper Midwest by Friday, but it has problems pushing a long ways south, so it’s a warm air versus cold air battle right along the OH River valley.
  • High pressure will sit over MN, WI, and IL, with another strong high that sits in the southeast US.
  • A band of moisture gets pinched right in between those highs, stuck from eastern OK, across MO, southern IL, along the OH River in IN, and all of KY.
  • This moisture won’t go anywhere for several days, on through Friday, before trying to push northward as the northern high moves into Canada, probably reaching I-70 on Saturday.
  • Through the rest of the weekend, the moisture circulates around the top edge of the southeastern US high, making it a 3-4 day wet period in the eastern Corn Belt.
  • Things stay pretty wet in the eastern Corn Belt through next week before another low comes in and gathers up the mositure before moving out.\
  • Another .25-1” of rain in the eastern Corn Belt on Wednesday night and then things are finally done, with cooler and drier air coming in by the middle of next week.
  • While the eastern Corn Belt looks wet, the Upper Midwest and western Corn Belt won’t see much after the action early this week.
  • Temps will be near normal for the period and there isn’t a huge deep freeze coming even though it will be cold.


Deep South weather:

  • The south will be dominated by strong high pressure in the wake of that massive winter storm that crippled areas of the Carolinas over the weekend and strong southwest winds warm things up for a couple of days.
  • Tuesday night-Wednesday morning, a frontal boundary could throw some light precipitaiton into parts of KY and TN, totaling a few tenths or less.
  • Through the rest of the week, the only spots with precipitation likely are in the northern parts of the region as moisture lingers in KY and TN from Thursday-the weekend, but the rest of the Deep South is under the influence of high pressure and remain dry through the rest of this week and most of next.
  • Tuesday-Wednesday of next week, better shower action will take place out west in parts of AR and LA, with 1-2” possible in AR on Monday before both states get .5-1.5” on Tuesday.
  • The action then crosses the MS River late Tuesday-Wednesday, then spreading across the rest of the Deep South Thursday-Friday.
  • Combined totals from Wednesday-Friday look like .25-1.5” with 75-80% coverage in the Deep South.
  • Temps should be near normal to slightly above, even though freezing temps make an occasional incursion into the Deep south, the incursions are hit and miss.


Great Plains weather:

  • A fairly quiet period is trying to emerge in the plains, except for gusty winds today and tomorrow.
  • A strong low moves into the northern plains, bringing snow to ND and SD late this afternoon-early tomorrow, totaling 1-3” before cold air moves down into the Dakotas for the rest of the week.
  • The cold air won’t progress much farther south than I-90, so the rest of the plains should be closer to normal with no really significant precipitation through the end of the week.
  • An arctic high digs into the Dakotas on Friday-Saturday but shouldn’t progress much farther south than I-90 again.
  • Showers and thunderstorms move into KS, OK, and TX this weekend as low pressure develops, with the central plains on the top and backside of the low, so that’s where heavier precipitation is likely to develop.
  • That means rain and snow for the plains through the weekend before a drier period develops next week, even though a little precipitation may hang on in OK and TX through Wednesday.
  • The northern plains won’t have much to worry about after early this week except for cold temps.

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