Indiana Weather Outlook 1-20-17

Rain this morning will be moving out by midday. However, we still see a large swath of clouds over the state through the afternoon and into tomorrow. Rain totals through midday should still end up in that .25”-.75” range, with coverage at 80% of the state. Rains hold on the longest today over north central and northeast Indiana.

Temps remain above normal through the weekend and next week. With the clouds in here, we can’t rule out a few spits, sprinkles or even an odd shower or two through the weekend. Coverage tomorrow will be less than 30%. However, from later Sunday through Monday and early Tuesday, coverage will end up being closer to 60%. Moisture does not look overly large, but we can see a few hundredths to a few tenths, depending on where you are at.

From late Tuesday through Wednesday, we see a much better organized front sweeping through. This will bring rains from .25”-.4” over about 60% of the state in that period, with the most concentrated moisture in over the northern half of the state.

Behind that front, cooler air comes in, but nothing that is overly cold just yet. In fact, we keep temperatures closer to normal to finish next week, but really do not go below normal.

Overall, the simple way to look at the forecast this morning is that it is not as wet overall (in terms of total precipitation) as we were seeing a few days back, but it is wetter in its feel…with chances of light moisture and an overall damp outlook most of the upcoming week. We also feel that this cloudy, damp pattern also keeps a lid on temps. Some forecasts are calling for highs to really rip to the upside over the coming few days…We are not quite as bullish in our warmth. Yes, temps are well above normal, feeling more like November than January…but we are not breaking out the shorts just yet. YET! (Never say never.)


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