Indiana Weather Outlook 5-1-17

Rain totals have been impressive over the state. Northern Indiana was the most fortunate as of last night with rain totals between 1 and 2 inches. Downstate, totals were much, much higher. The cold front associated with this storm complex will clear the state today, likely this morning, and then we will be left with wrap around moisture through the remainder of the day, meaning the heaviest rains are going to be done before the noon hour, but we will still have a damp, drippy kind of day through sunset.


The rest of this week is shaping up much like we talked about last week. WE will be dry over the state tomorrow through early Saturday over the northern half to third of the state. WE will be dry over the southern part of the state tomorrow and Wednesday. Wednesday night through Thursday we have moisture pushing back up over the southern half of the state and it could range from .25”-1.25”. The high end of the range will be with thunderstorms, most of the region will see up to .75”. WE have to watch east central Indiana, because later Thursday afternoon and Thursday night we can see moisture push north through Jay County and up toward Adams and Wells counties, around Decatur. Moisture will be .25”-.5” in those northern edge areas, but it is farther north than we had been looking at, and it makes sense, as the system expands as it moves east, to cover almost all of OH.


A quick moving little front moves in for next Saturday, bringing rains of a few hundredths to about a third of an inch to roughly 60% of the state. While it is not a lot of moisture, it does mean that we likely do not see enough drying in any area of the state to have significant field work this week. The moisture Saturday is out by early Sunday morning.


High pressure moves in for early Monday of next week, but our next system begins to affect the state Tuesday, as a warm front lifts through. WE do not expect much moisture Tuesday during the day, but can’t rule out a few showers. From Tuesday night through next Wednesday, the 10th, we have half to 1.5” rains over 75% of the state.


In the extended window, another front is likely around the 12th-13th with .25”-.6” rain totals and 70% coverage. Behind that wave, clouds and moisture may be slow to leave, meaning we don’t see a lot of new precipitation, but we may not be set up to dry very fast either. It could be a very interesting start to May, and it is conceivable that we see no serious chance to get back into the fields until closer to May 20th.

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