Indiana Weather Outlook 8-3-17

Scattered showers move in to the state today, and then we see another wave overnight tonight into tomorrow. The best threat of thunderstorms will be with wave number 2 tonight, and mostly in NW Indiana. All told, we would put precipitation through midday tomorrow at .25”- 1”, with the upper end of the range mostly limited to areas with thunderstorms .Rain coverage will be around 70%


Dry for tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning with weak, quick moving high pressure passing through.


Rains are back for Sunday afternoon through Sunday night and early Monday. Rain totals will be from .25” to 1 inch over about 80% of the state. The rains might be slightly more impressive still in central and southern Indiana, but the differentiation is not as strong as 24 hours ago.


Mostly dry for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and temps may climb a bit with strong south flow on Wednesday ahead of our next system.


That storm complex still is set to arrive Thursday, bringing plenty of rain and hitting all areas. Right now, we are going to keep rains at half to 1.5” over 80-90% of the state. However models are starting to suggest that the system may try and stay farther south. Some models are putting rains in over only the southern third of the state. So, we may have to tweak this forecast going forward, if consensus builds for a more southern track. Still, have a concern about at least 1 line of strong to severe thunderstorm with the system as it moves through, mostly Thursday night into early Friday. Any strong to severe storm could bump those rain totals considerably on a localized scale.


The forecast is unchanged behind that front, as we look to cool of and dry down just a bit wit high pressure coming in for next Friday the 11th, lingering into the 12th. We continue to keep an eye on the 13th and early 14th for scattered hit and miss showers, and then a much stronger front for the 17th. That second front may have some .25”-.5” rain potential.

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