Indiana Weather Outlook 9-14-17

Clouds will be breaking up today, and we should settle in to a mostly dry forecast pattern for the remainder of the week and weekend. Overall, our thought process and pattern ideas are unchanged this morning. Our next weather system arrives on Monday.

This Monday front is not overly impressive, but still has a good chance of rain moving through the state. We do not think thunderstorms are a major threat at this time, just showers. Coverage will be around 60-70% of the state and we are keeping rain totals at .25”-.75”. Now, without serious large scale thunderstorms threats, we will point you mostly toward the lower end of the range, under half an inch in most cases, but will leave the upper bounds where they are at for the time being. The rains are out fairly quickly by Monday night.

Behind that front, we are back to dry conditions through the balance of next week, and we do not see our next front until we get well into the 11-16 day extended period. That front still is on track for the 25th and 26th. That front has potential for .25”- to at most 1 inch of rain, coverage at 80%. So, our current pattern has only those two rain threats (next week early, and then the 25th-26th) through the balance of the month of September. This is a good forecast if you are wanting to dry things down for harvest. It’s not the best forecast if you need more good rains to finish things off, like many of you do.

Temperatures will be near normal today and through the end of the week. Next week we see similar temps unfolding over the region. We look for a slight cool down behind the early week front next week, before we build back up late in the week with south flow.

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