Ohio Weather Outlook 11-2-17

No major changes this morning to the overall set up today through next Monday. We may be able to actually see a few slightly bigger lulls in action particularly tomorrow for 12-18 hours, but that is it.

Scattered showers will be moving over the state this morning, and may linger in NW parts of the state this afternoon into this evening. However, we likely see lesser elsewhere this afternoon. Rain totals can be a few hundredths to about a quarter of an inch over 50% of the state today.  Tomorrow we still have plenty of clouds but only a few sprinkles to .1” of rain over 40% of the state through the day, and that will be over southern Ohio.

Better rains are back for the weekend. Saturday will be an active rain day, with showers bringing .1”-.5” over 60% of the state. Then we take a slightly break with plenty of clouds still for a good chunk of Sunday. Sunday night brings the best rain chances of the next 5 days, as our cold front finally starts its move through the state. We like rain totals of .5”-1.25” from Sunday overnight through Monday, and coverage will be 80% of the state.

gfs_tprecip_ohio_22.pngSo, tweaks to our forecast this morning allow for a couple of slightly bigger breaks in the action, but still plenty of moisture over the next 5 days. We are leaving the door open for combined rains of a half to 1.5” yet from today through next Monday. The map above shows cumulative rain potential from today through next Monday night, but we feel this model map is likely over done by a good half inch in some places. The geographical coverage looks good. Temperatures will be above normal by the end of today and will stay in that zone tomorrow and the weekend.

We keep a dry out look for most of the rest of next week, at least Tuesday through Thursday. A System moving across the Deep South will try and throw some moisture up closer to the Ohio River valley late next week. Right now, we are keeping moisture out of the forecast for next Friday, but we see better clouds and may have to add some rain in our forecast tomorrow if current trends hold.

In the extended period, we look drier, with only one minor system around the 16th. Rain totals will likely be under .25”.

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