Indiana Weather Outlook 2-22-18

Rain has spread back into the state this morning, and the pattern continues to unfold along the lines we have laid out earlier this week. That means from today through early Sunday morning, the focal point for heavy rain switches to central and southern Indiana. This does not mean we rule out rain up north…but rather we see it being lighter than what happens farther south. Rains today can bring half to 1.5” rains into southern Indiana with nearly 100% coverage, and up north .1”-.5” with 60% coverage. Far northern areas may miss out on most of the action, which is good, as they continue to deal with flooding from earlier in the week.

Tomorrow we have another wave coming up from the southwest. This will bring rains of .5”-2” to areas south of I-70, and a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch north of I-70. Far northern parts of Indiana may miss out on that system.

Saturday, scattered showers are back with .25”-.75” over 90% of the state.

A strong cold front is back for overnight Saturday night and will bring us our last chance of heavy rains. We can see rains of half to 2” in central and southern Indiana, up to half an inch up north. The rains linger through Sunday mid-morning, but should be east of us by shortly afternoon. We may be able to pick up another few hundredths to half an inch during that early Sunday period.

Dry for Sunday afternoon through next Wednesday night. High pressure moves across the region during that period.

Our next system arrives a little later on Thursday, and lasts a bit longer. We see showers nosing into Indiana Thursday midday and early afternoon, and then the rains continue through the overnight and through at least the first half of Friday.  We are lowing rain totals just a bit, to a quarter to 1 inch, and the heaviest rains will be over the southern half of the state.

In the extended 11-16 day forecast period we have a cold front that crosses the state around the 6th with potential for half to 1.5” rains. The rest of the extended forecast is drier. Temperatures the rest of this 10 day period will be closer to normal, and we do not see huge warm surges as we go into March.



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