Indiana Weather Outlook 3-16-18

One more dry day today with sunshine and cool, but not cold temps. Winds will start to ramp back up later this afternoon. Clouds roll in overnight.

Rain for tomorrow is farther north again. At this time we are removing restriction in our forecast as to where the action will stay out of. In fact, we can see 70% coverage of moisture over the state past midnight tonight through early afternoon tomorrow. We are also bumping our rain totals a bit to a few hundredths to .4”. With cold air in play, and with action starting overnight in spots, we still feel that we have to allow for some wet snow in there, mixing with some rain. Minor accumulations can be seen, especially north of I-70. Everything looks to be done by late afternoon and tomorrow evening.

We are dry for Saturday night, Sunday and Monday, with sunshine and blue sky back in over the state for Sunday. Clouds build Monday, and by Monday night we see scattered showers moving in. However, action for Monday night and Tuesday looks to have a smaller footprint and may be confined to the southern half to third of the state. We will make a final determination on this in our forecast Monday morning. Rain totals can be from .25”-5” in those areas. Clouds will be around over the rest of the state.

The biggest change in our forecast this morning comes for next Wednesday. As a strong nor’easter heads up the east coast, we see ample wrap around action on the backside of the low, and it may trigger snow over Indiana. We can see a coating to an inch or two in spots, with the best snow potential in eastern and northeastern parts of the state. It will be far worse to our east, but we need to stress not to underestimate this storm. Yes, it is hundreds of miles to our east, but the flow around the top will reach all the way back here, and will be enhanced by movement across the great lakes.

The rest of the forecast is basically unchanged. We dry down for next Thursday and Friday, but stay cool. Then a front starts to work in for the 24th that has plenty of south flow ahead of it. That should take temps slightly above normal, and then also allow for good rains to fill in later Saturday afternoon through Sunday. Models have diminished the size and scope of this system this morning, but we are not changing the forecast yet. We will revisit this early next week. For now, we are calling for .25”-.75” rains for the 24th-25th with coverage at 70%.

The extended pattern shows a strong circulation still for the 27th and 28th. Models suggest we can see the gulf bring up some nice moisture into this low, triggering moderate to heavy rains. It’s early but we are considering raising our rain totals for that part of the forecast period to 1-2 inches, based on a track right across from central MO to Toledo. There is plenty of time for this to change, but this may be a wet finish to the month of March.


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